Monday, December 5, 2011

International Conference on Management 2011

This was me during the International Conference on Management 2011, held at Hydro Hotel, Batu Ferringhi Penang in July this year. In case you are wondering what an academic is doing in a conference like this, well to be frank, academic always needs to learn something, lawyers also need to learn something new, not just things in the plate in front of them. In the first place, I was too busy to look around and find alternatives or new thing to add in my already fulled plate, but somehow I caught this advertisement and decided why not I tried working out on something looks "management" enough for this event. This was when my friend Ilhaamie and Zulfikri, my Phd candidate came in. We worked together on a paper entitled Justice Delayed is Justice Denied: Divorce case Management in Shariah Court. We were so excited to finish the paper so that I would have enough time prepare for the presentation. Mind you, all presenters in this ICM have a background on quantitative methodology and analysis and I think I learned a lot from this ICM. What can I do when it comes to quantitative data? Nothing I guess, this is not my cup of tea or whittard coffee, hahaha. Mine would be more on qualitative, if you can name it...actually it is more of legal research and legal analysis. oh.. and a little bit of social scientific and humanities kind of analysis and perspective. You see, I got a problem with methodology...perhaps...Need to go and sharpen my claw...

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